The reason
behind the why.
Share. Dare. Love.
Einfühlung's world embodies these three pillars.
A good balance between what has been and what might be, craftmanship and new technology.
There is no limit in the pursuit of boundless creation.
Consciously designed
Einfühlung is a luxembourgish conscious brand Designed in Luxembourg by Flavia Carbonetti and made in Italy.

The founding philosophy at the core of Einfühlung is to create contemporary Unisex pieces that can be shared between Men and Women.
Designed for responsible citizens.
We use fabrics that are certified GOTS, Cardato Recycled or come from sustainable manufacturing progress.
Our hangtags are the result of leather recycling.
Our labels are 100% made from recycled plastic bottles.
As a conscious brand, we strongly believe in the circular economy.
Our commitment is to make sure that our impact on this planet is as sustainable as possible.
Every season 2% of our sales are donated to a selected charity association that reflects our philosophy.

This season we support North-South Cooperation, specialized in providing education and training to marginalised communities to enable their empowerment.